Join the Friends Of The Planet Co-op!

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Join For Free Become a bigger part of the Friends Of the Planet community and join our Co-op waitlist! When your membership becomes active, we'll drawdown CO2 from the atmosphere by donating $1.00 to an organization at the forefront of fighting climate change.

Earn Co-Op Shares Instantly earn 2,000 Co-op Shares ($24.00 worth of credit) when your membership becomes active. Enjoy your items as our team records your Shares. Co-op Shares can be used as credit toward future orders, held, or used to help save the Planet. Learn more below.

Voting When your membership becomes active, you earn the ability to steer the direction of Friends Of The Planet. That means you can vote on future collections, request specific styles, and more. We want our community to be part of the process. Plus, when you vote, you earn Co-op Shares.

Members Only Becoming a Co-op Member gives you access to exclusive Members-only sales, products, and events. Co-op Members also have unlimited free shipping and access to our Keep Upcycling Program, where you can return items for store credit equal to 50% of their retail value.

Questions? Read our FAQ section below.


Questions? Read our Co-op FAQs below.

What is a co-op?

First, the long answer. A cooperative – or "co-op" – is “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.” We know that sounds complicated! However, co-ops change from project to project and there are a variety of unique co-op structures. Friends Of The Planet is structured to foster a collaborative community, giving our members the ability to get involved while also giving back.

Why have a co-op structure?

At Friends Of The Planet, we feel that a co-op structure is the strongest way to build a community, and give back to that very community. The structure we've created puts the Planet and our customers first.

Do I have to be a Member to order FOTP items?

Nope! You can always shop at Friends Of The Planet as you would at any other store. If and when you're ready to join the Co-op, you can visit this page.

If I join, do I have to work at all?

Certainly not! However, you can get more involved if you'd like, and we welcome collaboration across our community. Just email us at

Is the FOTP Team part of the co-op?

Yes. All employees are part of the Co-op. Further, each employee owns a percentage of Friends Of The Planet.

What are the benefits of being a Co-op Member?

There are many! As a Co-op Member, you can:

(1) Collect Co-op Shares as you make purchases (2) Receive free shipping on all items (3) Gain access to Member-only sales (4) Gain access to Member-only items (5) Earn the ability to vote on collections, donations, supply chains, company direction, and more (6) Gain access to annual company reports, along with goals for the future (7) Listen-in on Board Of Directors meetings with an option to share your thoughts (8) Send your ideas and receive feedback directly from the FOTP founders (9) Gain access to our Keep Upcycling Program, where you can return items for 50% of retail value within an extended return window and (10) Gain access to special, Members-only events.

What are Co-op Shares?

A "Co-op Share" is a type of reward that Co-op Members earn when they make Friends Of The Planet purchases. For most purchases, Co-op Shares are worth 5% of an item's retail value. Each Share is anchored at $0.01 but can increase. For example, if you purchase an item for $100, you'll receive 500 Co-op Shares for that purchase (a value of $5.00). Customers who are not Members cannot earn Co-op Shares.

Can the value of Co-op Shares fluctuate?

Yes, the value of Co-op Shares will often increase for special launches, events, or occasions! However, they remain achnored at least at $0.01. Changes in Share value will be advertised and published on the ticker at the top of this screen, and on our homepage. We are committed to consistently rewarding our Co-op Members for Friends Of The Planet's success.

How and when can I use Co-op Shares?

The 2,000 Shares you earn upon signing up for the Co-op can be used immediately. Shares earned beyond this point can be redeemed through the following process: Friends Of The Planet will email Co-op Members every September 1st, with the option to either redeem or hold Co-op Shares. Co-op Members can also transfer their Shares to fight climate change by donating an equivalent amount to select organizations. Co-op Members have until December 31st to utilize their Co-op Shares, or they will remain anchored until the following September 1st release.

How can I earn Co-op Shares?

There are many ways to earn Co-op Shares. You can:

(1) Purchase FOTP products (2) Participate in Co-op voting and (3) Take action, such as signing petitions that FOTP will supply. In the future, there will be additional ways for Co-op Members to earn Shares.

How do I see how many Co-op Shares I have?

Co-op Shares can be viewed at any point. Simply send us an email at

Where does the $1.00 donation go when I sign up?

When you sign up for the Co-op, you will be asked, "Where would you like to drawdown CO2?" Based on your answer, we will donate your $1.00 to select, vetted organizations that fight climate change in the area you selected. These donations are consistently updated and published in our Donations Tracker, which can always be viewed.

Is an email subscription different from a Co-op Membership?

Yes. Shoppers can simply subscribe to our emails and SMS bulletin, which is different from our Co-op program.

Can I opt out of my Co-op Membership?

Yes. If at any point you decide to opt out of the Co-op, just send us an email at, and we'll deactivate your membership.

Is there anything else I should know?

We hope this covers it! But if you have any questions, you can always write us at