• Jungle Scene Tee 🦎 Waste Cotton 🌺 Natural
  • Jungle Scene Tee 🦎 Waste Cotton 🌺 Natural
  • Jungle Scene Tee 🦎 Waste Cotton 🌺 Natural

Jungle Scene Tee 🦎 Waste Cotton 🌺 Natural

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~ Product Information ~

Experience the power of 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton! This t-shirt features printed original artwork 🦎🌺 and our custom “Friend Of The Planet” wordmark. Made from midweight waste cotton that is undyed – showing its natural color. Available in sizes XS-XL, unisex with an oversized fit. We suggest sizing down for a more normal (but boxy) fit. For an oversized fit, please select your normal size.

Co-op Shares: 325

Donated: $6.50

Edition: N/A

Env. Grade: 

From: 100% Waste Cotton

Cotton Sourced: MX

Made: LA

Size: XS-XL


~ Manufacturing & Environmental Information ~

🌎 Made from 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton
Waste Cotton is leftover cotton fiber from cotton industry processes. In this case, leftover fiber is collected at cotton spinning mills in Mexico and shipped to Los Angeles, California, where they are knit, sewn, and finished into the garment you see here. Waste cotton contains no synthetic fibers, no microplastics, and no virgin raw materials. 
💕10% of revenue is donated to environmental organizations
Friends Of The Planet donates to organizations that are researched and vetted. The donations are 100% transparent and trackable here. With 10% revenue donated, our average donation per garment is $11.00. To put this into perspective, most organizations that are "planting trees" or "offsetting carbon" are donating under $0.30 - $0.80 per sale 😲
🚰 711 less gallons of water to make
Manufacturing waste cotton garments uses 2 gallons of water. That's 711 less gallons than the industry standard for a t-shirt!
🗑️ 1/2 lb of waste is diverted from the landfill 
By using garment leftovers for production purposes, every shirt that's created diverts 1/2 lb of waste is from the landfill :)
🏄 Tubular
An environmental bonus! This shirt does not feature side seams, resulting in 80% less fabric cutting waste, 10% less sewing labor, and less energy consumption. 
🕊️ Los Angeles County & made w/ fair wages! 
90% of this shirt’s manufacturing process takes place in independent and/or family-owned factories in Los Angeles County where workers are paid above minimum wage (at least $17/hour).
🟠 Keeping it circular
In order to keep this shirt from ever ending up in the landfill, we’ll accept it when you’re done and on to the next one! In return, we’ll offer 50% of the garment’s value in Co-op Shares, which can be used in a variety of ways. Learn more about Co-op Shares by clicking here.
👎 The Not-So-Perfect
While we're proud of this supply chain, the waste cotton manufacturing process + shipping of waste to Los Angeles does result in CO2 emissions.

~ Shipping & Order Information ~

Please note! Many of our products are printed or embroidered one by one. Not only does this help reduce environmental waste and/or excess garments, it also means each and every FOTP product is manufactured with care & appreciation. Orders may take 2-4 weeks to ship. Thank you for being patient as your order is prepared ☮️♡

To avoid unnecessary waste and/or manufacturing processes, artwork will be applied to this t-shirt in accordance with the quantity ordered. Application includes screen-printing (high quantity) or "direct-to-garment" (low quantity).

~ This Shirt Won't Save The Planet (Although It's Pretty Good) ~

While this shirt won't save the Planet, we can say with confidence the environmental impact is relatively positive. While we encourage customers to be mindful consumers and to support brands that align with values, the biggest impact on climate change comes from voting (it's free!) and donating (if you can afford to do so!) to organizations that have a proven environmental track record. Learn more about our core values here.

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Ships from sunny Los Angeles County, California.